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Tamahagane Sujihiki Slicer / 270mm

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63-layer Damascus Design

The Tamahagane Kyoto Damascus line is a high-end kitchen knife made from high hardness molybdenum-vanadium steel, at approximately Rockwell HRC 61, the knife has excellent edge retention.

The knife is elegantly designed with 63-layer Damascus steel folded together, and the western style handle made from reinforced timber which is extremely comfortable in hand. The knife is hand sharpened by skilled masters in Niigata, Japan, resulting in an extremely sharp edge that glides through produce effortlessly. 


  • Manufacturer: Kataoka (JAPAN)
  • Blade Steel Type: Molybdenum-Vanadium VG-5 Steel (Core), 63 layer damascus
  • Edge: Double-Edged (50/50)
  • Handle Material: Compressed Laminated Wood


  • Hand wash and wipe dry, NO DISHWASHER
  • Hand sharpen with waterstone, honing rod is not suitable for Japanese knives